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Genuine Earth Mined Stones was established in 2014, by its owner and creator, Bret Honea. Bret grew up in the United States with a Geologist father who fuel his interest in gemstones and mineral at an early age, by taking him out rock hunting at old mines and geological places of interest across the United States. He began his studies while attending the Anderson School of Management, at the University of New Mexico, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in general management. Using his new found knowledge of business he began selling women's makeup on eBay. Almost immediately the eBay store, Cosmetic Corner, began turning a profit but there was no real passion as he lacked interest in what he was selling.

He took his genuine love of rock collecting in combination with his eBay sales experience and began selling loose gemstones. Realizing almost immediately that a there was a large buyer presence interested in purchasing loose gemstones he found a niche he loved and Genuine Earth Mined Stones (GEMS) was born. Looking to expand his knowledge of gemstone he sought out to furthering his education in the gem trade and began his studies to become a certified Gemologist at International Gem Society (IGS).

Buying gemstones online gives people access to excellent gemstones, not normally possible. The online market seemed to be the perfect solution and the best way to reach out to anyone looking for loose gemstones. The website was developed to reach customers directly. The main website is designed to be a convenient source of useful information, pertaining to gemstones. The intention is to provide the general public tools and knowledge without the constant bombardment of ads and product solicitation to help educate anyone interested. The business was built around the fundamental idea to treat our customers as we would want to be treated. We want our customers to be as happy buying as we are selling...
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